Note from my patient’s mama to her compatriots of motherhood at Boulder Area Moms group:


If you have an infant (or child, adult) with digestive difficulty or nursing issues, you will want to give my acupuncturist a call. She was a fertility nurse and is a lactation specialist and of course an acupuncturist. She made an incredible difference in (baby) R. He’s sleeping better, nursing better and his belly is shockingly better after one session. Additionally, his belly button hernia has decreased dramatically. she is the kindest most loving woman I know. Her name is Deborah Harris Skelton. She’s on FB. Can’t say enough about her. She helped me get pregnant and now has supported me every step of the way!”

No words will totally express my deepest gratitude for the opportunity to help patients of any age to feel better and live their precious life to the fullest. Thank you soooooooo very much.