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“I am a healer. I have known it for some time. Birth in the United States ensured acceptance of Western scientific modalities of medicine as the norm, so it seemed a natural step to enter nursing school; a healer searching for a home. Thirteen years in the nursing field, with many professional and personal experiences behind me, I now open new eyes facing East, and it is my patients who have pointed me in this direction. An increasing number of my patients ask, “What ELSE is there? What MORE could we do?”. They are discovering Western medicine treats but does not always heal in the true Gestalt sense of each individual person’s need.

As Oriental Medicine becomes increasingly accepted in the West, I see future health care practices embracing a more global approach to healing. Even modern Health Maintenance Organizations, or HMOs, are beginning to recognize the benefit, however fiscally based that motivation may be, of encouraging wellness before disease intervention is ever required. I believe this is a very exciting period of emergence for Chinese Medicine as an adjunctive therapy in the West.

These are important considerations for me as I consider a career change of this nature. Still, there is something else far deeper and more fundamental in the way Traditional Chinese Medicine resonates for me. It touches the listening, intuitive and empathic heart within me, showing me a vision of holistic healing on every manifest and subtle level.

I was asked to write a similar essay for admittance to nursing school. The only phrase, trite while sincere, I remember from the essay said, “I want to be a ┬ánurse so I can help people at their most needy.” Nursing has been a wonderful starting place, and I hope to bring the essence of that compassionate profession forward into a new realm as a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

I am deeply dedicated to embracing my commitment to TCM and believe I will bring a wealth of experience, knowledge, skill, right intention, and joyful energy into my work in a way I have previously only dreamed of. Thank you for this opportunity to expand my repertoire of healing talents as I touch those in need in a whole new way.”

(And I feel I was truly correct in choosing this profession, in which all my dreams came true!)



Colorado Therapies 2Yes it is true! My new business location, beginning August 1st, is with Colorado Therapies, located in the beautiful Gunbarrel neighborhood, at 5412 Idylwild Trail, Suite 101, Boulder, CO 80301. I am delighted to be opening a fresh new office with wonderful healers working together. Please plan on checking me out soon! Phone number will still be the same: 303-449-2001.

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